Monday, May 25, 2015

Giraffe Jewelry Tree

This was a custom request. She wanted the giraffe to hold some of her earrings. So I made a hinge so the backs of the earrings can be put on and taken off. The tree holds necklaces up to 18 inches long.

Dog USB Charging Station

I made this USB charging station for my wife to keep in her office.

Ford V8 USB Charging Station

This is for a man who loves Ford's. The V8 emblem is from a Ford from the 50's. He's ready to charge up any modern phone or tablet.


I was asked to come up with a hummingbird. So here it is.

Humming Bird Feeder Hanger

Here is a humming bird feeder hanger I made from nails. Works like a champ. The birds love it!

Hockey Player USB Charging Station

The 2015 hockey playoffs inspired this USB charging station. He is currently available on my Etsy store.

Tempy The USB Charging Owl

This is Tempy The Owl. She is currently in a home keeping things charged up.

Mitch The USB Charging Station

Here is Mitch. He is ready to charge up phones and tablets.

Murray The USB Charging Station

Here is Murray. He loves to charge up phones and tablets.

Maggie USB Charging Dog

I love dogs and wanted to create a USB charging station. So this is my first one. Her name is Maggie.

Officer Rios USB Charging Station Robot

This is Officer Rios. He is a LAPD officer. His wife wanted to surprise him with a early Fathers Day gift.

Hen-Ri USB Charging Robot

I made Hen-Ri for my wife to use to charge her phone and tablet.

Jeff The USB Robot

This is Jeff. He is the very first USB charging station robot I made.


It's been a while since I made my last butterfly. I couldn't wait any longer.

Kyle Despicable Me Dog

This was inspired by Kyle the dog from the movie Despicable Me.