Sunday, January 25, 2015

Ryder The Rooster

Here is Ryder The Rooster. He is going to end up in Wisconsin on a farm.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cow Coin Bank

Here is the latest in the coin banks. I wanted to make a girl friend for the bull. So I came up with a Holstein cow. The spots are welded on with a special welding rod, then ground smooth. This is really a one of a kind sculpture that also can function as a coin bank. I made the coin slot work with US coins up to a quarter. The remove the coins the utter is unscrewed.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bull Bank

Just finished this Bull Bank. I have always wanted to make a piggy bank, but thought I would do something with a twist. He will accept coins up to a US quarter.

Monday, January 5, 2015

This is the largest frog I have made. He is in Northern California now.

Boot Scraper

This was a commissioned boot scraper. They have chickens and wanted a boot scraper with a rooster theme.


This was made for a guy who sells tools for a living.

This is the second camel I have built. This was a commissioned piece.

Hockey Player

This was a commission for a L.A. Kings fan.

Moose Head

This is Chris Moose. He was a commission for Christmas 2014.

Rusty The Rooster

Rusty The Rooster was a commissioned piece by a family in San Diego who has a few chickens. The city won't allow roosters. So now they have one ;)

Renfield Rooster

Renfield The Rooster was a commission for a lady who wants it to be Halloween all year around.


This ballerina was a commissioned piece for a young girl who loves to dance!


This skateboarder was commissioned for a guy who teaches skateboard lessons.


These 3 skateboarders where commissioned from 3 people across the country.

Horse Shoe Art

This was made from used horse shoes. It's a wedding gift.

Letter J

This is another letter commissioned made from tools and things belonging to a passed loved one.

Nash's N

This N was commissioned for a young boy named Nash. He is bound to love cars and tools :)

Letter D's

These pair of D's were a commission. All the items inside the letters belonged to the man who passed away. His family wanted to remember him with some of the things he owned.