Friday, December 25, 2009

Baseball players

These were created for my Father-in-law for Christmas of 09.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


This is my second roadrunner. I like how it turned out just as much if not a bit more than the first one.
This one is sold. It's going to Arizona!


Here is a Ladybug I made for my son. It's a diff cover off a Dana 35 Jeep axle. The spring legs move.


Here is a butterfly I made for my daughter. I had some old shovels laying around. She picked out the colors.


These are a few more of the yard birds.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


This is one bird that I made using a rock for the body.

Gearhead Astronaut

I made this for my wife for Christmas of 08. It's hard to see in the PICS but it's holding a lit match to light the fuse.

Spark Bugs

These little guy's are a lot of fun! And they don't bite!


They keep multiplying!!


They are kinda boney. But they taste good!


This was made from a diff cover from a 74 Vega Station Wagon. The legs are some turnbuckles and the head is a hook.


This Beagle I made for the kids. Normally I don't like my work to be painted but they wanted it to look like our Beagle,Snoopy. The large spring is from a Jeep TJ,the back legs are pinion gears, the front legs are made from a cam shaft, the head is a carrier from an axle. The tail is a spring, which is fun to "boing"!


These spiders are made from spider gears. They like to feed on Spark bugs.

Scrappy The Cat

Scrappy The Cat has no problem mixing it up with the other cats to get a full belly.


Soda can gives a good idea how big this is.
The Bee was made from various metal objects. There is close to 300 in all. Some of which are bike chain,bolt heads,springs,screws,washers,keys,and a spike from a golf shoe.

Orb Spider

This Orb spider I made from around 300 pieces of various objects. There is bolt heads,screws,U joint,U bolt,nails, wrenches, and springs. The web is made from 26 feet of 3/16 round bar. The grasshopper is made from a spark plug and some nails.